Simple Ways to Help Conserve Water in Southern Nevada

Here’s a mind-blowing figure: According to Albert Mack and Bill Jones from Tough Turtle Turf (, the average household in Las Vegas uses 55,000 gallons of water a year. Given that we live in the desert and water is an ever-pressing issue, it’s up to each of us to be mindful of our water consumption.… Continue reading Simple Ways to Help Conserve Water in Southern Nevada

Gallagher Square is the jewel of Petco Park and at the heart of the San Diego community. This public park and community gathering space will be closed for the 2020 Padres home games, but open for Padres away game viewing parties. Play Ball Field Improvements have also been made to the Play Ball Field located… Continue reading San Diego Padres Play Ball Field Installed by Tough Turtle Turf

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is low maintenance. You can enjoy the many benefits that it offers without the lengthy and expensive process of keeping it looking green and healthy. You can avoid any watering, mowing, fertilizing, re-seeding, weeding and edging; however, there is some maintenance that comes with artificial grass. To keep it… Continue reading Do Weeds Grow On Artificial Grass?

Thinking about adding artificial grass, but not sure if you can install it on your deck? Or perhaps you want to give your deck a makeover or want something different. The biggest issue we have seen with decking is that it rots, or looks weathered and attracts moss. If you have painted your deck, you… Continue reading Can Artificial Grass Be Installed On A Deck?

Tough Turtle Turf wants to make sure you make the right choice. Many homeowners and business owners in Las Vegas, NV asks us “Is artificial turf safe for kids/pets?” We take a closer look to help you decide. Artificial turf is fake and made to mimic the look and feel off real grass. The “fake… Continue reading Artificial Turf: Is It Safe for Kids and Pets?

Yes, artificial turf serves as the backdrop to sports fields across the country and makes for the perfect practice putting green, but what else can you use artificial turf for? It can be difficult to brainstorm ways to incorporate this element into your San Diego, CA home or landscape. But there are many excellent ways… Continue reading Do I Really Need Artificial Turf?

Adding artificial grass to your property will get the most value in their homes or business by adding curb appeal, reducing water usage and creating a low maintenance lawn. Las Vegas, NV homeowners, want to see their home value rising. No matter if they are thinking of staying in the home for a long time… Continue reading How Artificial Grass Adds Property Value For Your Las Vegas, NV Home

Installing artificial grass for your home or business can be very appealing for your property. One of the best features of artificial turf is that it requires little maintenance and care compared to natural grass. You will never have to mow, fertilize, or use large amounts of water to keep your grass looking healthy. However,… Continue reading How To Clean Your Artificial Grass

If you look at the cost of natural grass and artificial grass the upfront cost may be pricey. However, if you take into consideration the lifespan, along with how much money it can save you with the low maintenance and no watering, it can add up and save you a reasonable amount of money in… Continue reading Is Artificial Grass Worth It?

Artificial turf , is known for its durability and likeness and to regular grass, with attractive, eco-friendly options. However, not all artificial turf is the same; in fact, today’s options are extremely diverse, from their color and material to blade length and installation. Finding the right artificial grass for your San Diego, CA home can… Continue reading Three Kinds of Material For Your Artificial Grass Project

Turf is the top layer of grass, containing the soil and roots. Artificial turf, also known as known as artificial grass, is a synthetic lawn option made to look and feel like grass. Artificial turf is especially popular in warmer climates, where grass dries out because of droughts. It’s a good option for those wanting… Continue reading What is Artificial Turf?

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