What is Artificial Turf?

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  • event September 14, 2023

Turf is the top layer of grass, containing the soil and roots. Artificial turf, also known as known as artificial grass, is a synthetic lawn option made to look and feel like grass.

Artificial turf is especially popular in warmer climates, where grass dries out because of droughts. It’s a good option for those wanting minimal lawn maintenance.

What is Artificial Turf Made Of?

Artificial turf is primarily made of polyethylene, a plastic-based material that is incredibly durable, recyclable, and safe to use. Turf fibers can also be made from other plastics like nylon or polypropylene. Turf fibers, in any of these three materials, connect to the base to create a grass-like look and texture.

Is Artificial Turf Better Than Grass?

Turf has a lot of benefits that ultimately make your life easier, but is artificial turf better than grass? Before you make the switch, compare artificial turf vs. grass below to see for yourself.

  • Low Maintenance: Tired of mowing the lawn? With artificial turf, you don’t have to water, trim, aerate or seed your lawn to keep it looking nice. Our turf looks great from the installation! Plus, turf resists wear and tear to look and feel great longer than grass with minimal upkeep.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Artificial turf requires no watering or mowing and very minimal maintenance. Because of this, you do not cause as much disruption to the environment and are conserving both water and energy.
  • Durable Curb Appeal: Artificial turf is more durable than normal grass. Grass can fade, die out in extreme temperatures, and be filled with weeds and pests. Because turf is made of strong polyethylene fibers, it can resist regular wear and tear and won’t lose its grass-like feel. With artificial turf, you will have a consistently green yard, with virtually no pests or weeds, all year round.
  • Use of Chemicals: To maintain grass, you often must use fertilizers or pesticides. With artificial grass, you eliminate the need for these, limiting your family’s exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Pet Friendly: Artificial grass is stronger and more resilient to pet damage than regular grass. While regular grass can overheat and get brown spots, our turf is non-toxic, reduces odors and is designed with our exclusive Cool Blade technology to keep your pet’s paws from overheating, all while staying green.

Common Artificial Grass Uses

There are many artificial grass use cases where its benefits outshine natural grass. Virtually anywhere you see grass – turf can be placed!

  • Sports Venues: If you attend any professional sporting events, you may see that they commonly use turf on their fields. In fact, you can see Tough Turtle Turf on Play Ball Field located in Gallagher Square at Petco Park in San Diego.
  • Putting Greens: Whether it is a major golf course or your local mini golf green, turf is commonly used on putting greens to cut down on maintenance needs.  
  • Pool Decks: Using artificial turf around a pool is a cooler alternative than concrete and is often more comfortable on your feet. Having turf around a pool has also been known to prevent slips and falls, while also giving your pool the aesthetic of a tropical oasis.
  • Residential Lawns: The addition of artificial turf to your yard increases your home’s value, sometimes up to 15%. In addition to adding value, turf is pet-friendly so every member of your family, including your four-legged friends, can enjoy the lawn.

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