Is Artificial Grass Worth It?

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  • event September 14, 2023

If you look at the cost of natural grass and artificial grass the upfront cost may be pricey. However, if you take into consideration the lifespan, along with how much money it can save you with the low maintenance and no watering, it can add up and save you a reasonable amount of money in the long run. Low-end artificial turf can be cheaper but it will only last 10-15 years. Choosing a higher end turf can last anywhere from 15-25 years depending on how well you maintain it. When looking to use artificial grass for your San Diego, CA home or business, it is crucial to take into account the products based on quality and price. Higher quality also means the latest technology and even less fading from the sun.

Types of Artificial Grass

There is artificial grass for all types of budgets. However, it’s best to know what type of turf you are getting for your hard earned money. For instance, if you have a smaller budget you have a little more flexibility, you can spend a little more money on better quality of turf. The higher the quality of turf the more realistic look it will have.

Your small lawn can last for a very long time. If you have a bigger yard and still want the best quality of turf, you can still achieve this by adding pavers, deposite granite or rock to your landscape. Another solution can be going with a lower quality of artificial grass. Keep in mind that lower quality turf can sometimes mean it is old turf that has been left over and lacks the latest technology. Newer turf uses such technology and improvements of older turf have been made.

Artificial Grass Savings

It has been estimated that home-owners in San Diego, CA approximately spend $2,000-$3,000 per household on just watering yards. This does not factor in mowing, weeding, fertilizing and other types of gardening maintenance that your natural grass needs. There is a lot of watering, energy, and money that goes into keeping a lawn looking green and healthy. If you decide to make the switch, your artificial grass can be paid off within three to four years. With all the money saved, you can focus on other priorities. Also, adding turf can just not only add curb appeal but also add property value to your home.



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