How Artificial Grass Adds Property Value For Your Las Vegas, NV Home

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  • event September 15, 2023

Adding artificial grass to your property will get the most value in their homes or business by adding curb appeal, reducing water usage and creating a low maintenance lawn.

Las Vegas, NV homeowners, want to see their home value rising. No matter if they are thinking of staying in the home for a long time or short term, they want to know they have made a smart investment that will hold a lot of value. One of the best ways to do so is adding artificial turf.

A Lasting Value

According to real estate experts, when you add turf, it will help sell your home faster. Combining beauty and a functional landscape can increase your value by up to 28%. You can add artificial grass to the following areas of your home:
Pool areas
Around flower beds
Tree areas
and more!
Many Las Vegas, NV homeowners, are using turf in creative ways by using pavers, stone, concrete for borders and walkways. Making these changes can be eye-catching and cause interest in many potential buyers.

Low-Maintenance Lawn

Another significant advantage to having artificial grass is that it is low maintenance. It’s a great selling point seniors, single families that are looking to buy but don’t want to spend a lot of time on their yard. Minimal yard work can be a favorable factor for someone looking to buy a home. Turf is also safe for kids and pets and can sustain in any weather.

Cost Effective

Turf has become more popular in the United States in the last ten years. Although the cost of artificial turf can be initially more costly than natural grass. Your turf can pay for itself within three years. With the little maintenance and the no need to water your lawn, it can save homeowners a significant amount of money. Tough Turtle Turf offers a Lifetime Warranty which can add a piece of mind to all of our customers knowing their turf investment will last a long time.



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