Cool Blade

Our Signature Turf! Designed to stand-up to moderate traffic and pets! Unique hollow blades allow for more ventilation and heat transfer, resulting in a much cooler feeling grass alternative. This means much more comfortable paws and toes for your family in the yard! Four different shades of green with a brown weaved undertone create the realistic look of Cool Blade turf.

Turtle Power

Created for moderate to heavy traffic, Turtle Power may be the toughest Tough Turtle Turf has to offer! What makes this turf tough are the taller blades mixed with a tri-woven composition. Three different green shades add to the realism with a tan woven thatch leaving your new yard looking and feeling real to the touch.

Pro 80

Our most plush and thinnest blades lend themselves to the clean look of a well-groomed lawn. Made to please the eye and withstand typical foot traffic, we designed this turf with a taller field and lime green blades for an incredibly soft touch.