Throw anything at it,
Tough Turtle Turf
can handle it.

Specifically-designed blades function
to be put through the rigors of commercial property.

Kids. Pets. Humans. They all share one common trait. The ability to instantly kill grass. Tough Turtle Turf is the perfect solution for any commercial artificial grass landscape in San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix Areas. Using Tough Turtle Turf helps not only reduces the continuous costs of natural grass, but is also great for the environment by reducing the use of water, carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Maintaining a commercial landscape can cost thousands throughout the year, with professional landscaping, sodding, mowing, watering, and general up-keep. Switching to a Tough Turtle Turf grass alternative will cut down on all expenses dramatically. Your new landscape will stay green and beautiful all year around…  no matter what you or Mother Nature throws at it. The durability, cost savings, and Lifetime Warranty create peace of mind for you to design an appealing landscape for your commercial area.

The process of turning a lifeless grey concrete area into a colorful green work/play space is both a gift and a reward, creating smiles is priceless. Churches, school, playgrounds, roof-tops, office buildings, and pet hospitals are just some of the commercial properties that have chosen Tough Turtle Turf we’ve done in the past. What project do you have in mind? Reach out and speak with a design consultant. It’s Free!

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