Every project is different because every home is different. Knowing this, we price the project as a whole and not by the square footage. No matter the total cost, we offer an array of financing options, so whatever your situation we make sure you get the lawn of your dreams.

YES! Water bills, lawn care, landscaping, and maintenance add up to WAY more than you may realize. An artificial lawn will end up saving you up to 80% on your water bill alone. Over time your lawn will end up paying for itself! You can take those savings, and spend them on a special occasion!

The question on everyone’s mind! What even is turf? Artificial turf is made primarily of a substance called polyethylene, which is a plastic-based material that is incredibly durable, recyclable, and safe to use.

Couldn’t be friendlier! Artificial turf reduces carbon emissions, uses less water, and can be recycled. Since artificial turf is not a living grass, it doesn’t require water to keep it alive and healthy. That means only minimal water is used when rinsing it off. No grass also means no mowing! So you can get rid of your gas-guzzling lawnmower that gives off emissions equal to eleven cars. Lastly, the materials used to create the artificial turf are fully recyclable, so when your turf has reached its end, it can be recycled and made into other eco-friendly materials.

Sounds weird right? “Infill?” What is that? To put it simply, Infill is a synthetic sand-like material made of various tiny pieces that are then poured onto the artificial turf and brushed in. They settle down between the blades, keeping them standing upright and giving a more realistic appearance.

Traditional artificial turf can get much hotter than regular grass, but not so hot that it cannot be used and enjoyed. Tough Turtle is also very proud to offer Cool Blade technology, keeping the turf 15% cooler than other alternatives. Tough Turtle Turf stays cool, and is always safe for you, your family, and your pets! We would never burn you or your feet!

Project times depend on the size and scope of your yard as well as the amount of work that will be required. Usually, it can take anywhere from 1 – 4 days to complete a full artificial turf project. Which, when it comes to remodeling, really isn’t that long at all.

Depending on the level of travel, an artificial turf yard should stay strong, green, and pristine for 15 to 20 years! At Tough Turtle we stake our name on the toughness of our turf, so much so we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty!

Yes, a turf lawn can up the overall value of your property! Curb appeal is a huge factor in the resale value of your home. At the end of the day, that is what gets potential buyers in the door. Having a gorgeous green yard that stays beautiful all year, without any of the daunting maintenance, is a huge selling point that can do wonders for the overall value of your home.

Just like our toughness our turf never fades! Artificial turf is created with UV Stabilizers in the polyethylene blade mix that prevent fading from the sun. As far as staining, the durability of the blades makes them non-porous, stopping most stains from setting in. However, we’ve all had a friend or family member spill their glass at the cookout or a weekend project that ends in a turned-over paint can. So, it is recommended that you rinse the artificial grass off if you spill the occasional something.

Artificial turf should always drain well, and in most cases better than actual grass, making mold or mildew nearly impossible. Though, if you do live in a wetter climate, there are an array of products you can use to keep your lawn dry.

Artificial turf is of course far more weed resistant than natural grass. However, it is possible for weeds to grow through the small holes in the backing material as well as around the outside edges. Depending on what infill is used, the occasional weed may grow through the infill itself. They cannot root beneath the turf though, so those weeds are easily removed. If you do happen to use a sand-based infill, the seeds could germinate, which would lead to potential weed growth. This is why Tough Turtle Turf employs a silica-based synthetic sand-infill that does not allow for germination.

The process starts with us getting the correct size and scope of your specific project. That will come down to just how much demolition and groundwork will be necessary to prepare for the initial layers. We then get to work by digging down 4 inches deep to make the required room, add the weed barrier, and the base layers made of sand, gravel, and decomposed granite that are then poured and compacted on top. Then comes the Turf, which will be stretched to fit your yard, anchored in, and finished with a layer of infill poured on top and power brushed into the blades.

YEAH! OF COURSE! Artificial turf has evolved way past that shiny fake-looking material from way back when. Modern turf is made with thatch, which gives it a natural-looking color variation; the blades are also no longer made from flat pieces of plastic that reflect light and LOOK like plastic. Today turf comes in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes that give it that “real” look and feel. These new blades are also soft to touch making them even more realistic and life-like than anything that came before.

Artificial grass has grown dramatically in popularity over recent years and you can probably imagine why. With almost no maintenance, lowered utilities, and an increased home value, who wouldn’t want to switch to turf? While pleasing the eye year-round turf also makes everyday life that much easier. Turf is most commonly used for residential lawns and landscaping, but can also be commissioned for sports fields and private athletic facilities, pet-specific turf, and the most fun, home putting greens!

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