Can Artificial Grass Be Installed On A Deck?

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  • event September 15, 2023

Thinking about adding artificial grass, but not sure if you can install it on your deck?

Or perhaps you want to give your deck a makeover or want something different.

The biggest issue we have seen with decking is that it rots, or looks weathered and attracts moss. If you have painted your deck, you know how much work it requires to keep it looking good and stop it from paint peeling and discoloring.

So can artificial grass be installed on your San Diego, CA decking? Yes, you can! it can be installed on top of a deck with some exceptions. We often get asked this, and we would like to address it. We will explain everything you need to know about getting artificial grass installed for your deck.

How is Artificial Grass Installed On A Deck?

If your deck boards are in good condition, without any rotting and leveled, the turf is installed on top. However, it is best for a turf specialist to look at it and advise.

A standard installation involves applying a weed barrier, followed by a pad layer, then the artificial turf. When installing artificial grass on a deck, your installer should stable down turf to make sure it won’t move and be as secure as possible.

If you are not sure that your deck is in excellent condition, our installer may be able to fix it for an extra charge.

Soft Surface For Children

If you plan to have children play on your new turf, we advise adding a shock pad layer. However, we don’t recommend it if your pets will be using turf to relieve themselves. The shock pad will soak up the urine, and it can smell.

If you are looking to install your artificial grass for children and pets, and don’t mind your pets using it for urinal purposes, we advise going the common route. It would require to remove your deck and install the appropriate sub-base and add the turf over the top. No shock pad layer is needed.

We at Tough Turtle Turf have carried out many deck installations for many San Diego, CA homes. It can transform your yard into a more beautiful and functional space.


So you CAN install it on a deck. As long as your deck is in excellent condition. However, make sure you have a turf specialist inspect your deck first before installing any artificial grass for you San Diego, CA home or business. For some example of our work check out our gallery.



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