Pet Friendly Turf

No more muddy paws,
no more pesticides,
and no more destroyed lawns.

Stronger and more resilient to Pet damage than regular grass.

Your pet deserves the perfect lawn to roam, play, and sniff in. Tough Turtle Turf has crafted a specific pet-friendly grass alternative! It’s non-toxic, eliminates all odors, and is designed with our Exclusive Cool Blade technology to keep your pup’s paws from overheating. Also, no more brown spots! Always perfect green with our artificial grass.

Be sure to consider Landscaping options when visualizing an ideal lawn for your pets. While our artificial grass does have a cooling effect, the furry ones still need some shaded areas to relax! 

Ready to gift your pet its own personal dog-park? Pick a date and we’ll make it happen! You’ve already got the coolest dog on the block, now have the coolest (literally) yard! Speak with a Design Consultant to create the lawn your pet deserves!

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