Nicole C.

We had a great experience with Tough Turtle Turf from the moment we met with Brian Kelly. He was super communicative through the entire process and laid out exactly what to expect. The crew that came out was amazing and worked from sun up to sun down to get this done in one day! Our backyard was all dirt, concrete and pool. We recently rescued a Great Dane and she begged us for a better playing area so we couldn’t resist her puppy eyes. We are so happy we went with them and would recommend them to anyone that wants to transform their yard.


the turf is still going strong as well as the pavers and we are super happy with the quality. Our Emmy loves it! It is important to follow instructions when summer hits. Keep it washed off and use your hose to cool it off prior to the dogs going on it. It gets hot! It’s Arizona and anything outside exposed to this sun will hurt if you are not careful. We have never had a problem with weeds coming out of the side since June. The rain has brought up a couple recently and all we had to do was spray and they are gone. I 100% continue to recommend this company!



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