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Dallas is now Home to the Best Artificial Turf Installation in the State of Texas!

You’ve heard it before, “Big things happen in Dallas.” Well, it happened again, the best Artificial Turf Installation money can buy has hit the great state of Texas. Even a city as metropolitan as Dallas deals with the volatility of Texas weather! That weather does a number on your lawn, so why waste your hard-earned money on constant lawn care when you could spend it on experiences! Trade-in a gas-guzzling lawn mower for a Cowboys game! Or take the water bill savings and put it towards a vacation!
With an artificial turf lawn from Tough Turtle, you can have a gorgeous, forever-green lawn that will save you thousands in yearly expenses! With Tough Turtle Turf you will be saying “How ’bout that turf?”

Why Turf?

At Tough Turtle Turf, we have the answer to volatile weather, heat and storms, high utility bills, and high maintenance costs that are a given in Dallas. With a turf lawn, you can have something of permanence, that will look just as beautiful and pristine as the day you got it, with very little upkeep. When it comes to the best look, the best feel, the most affordable, and the toughest lawn possible, Tough Turtle Turf is the only answer.

Turf in Texas…
it just makes sense.

It sure does. There’s no getting around the toughness of Texans, it is pretty much a prerequisite for living here. The weather alone requires a level of durability most people don’t have to think about. From insane summer heat, to record snowfall, to hurricanes and tornados, in Texas you need to be prepared for almost anything. So you should get a lawn that is just as prepared and just as tough as you! With Tough Turtle Turf you’ll get a lawn that stays cool (up to 20% cooler) in the summer, green in the winter, and strong all year long!

Our Process

Everything begins with your free on-site consultation where we will get the “lay of the land” and size up the total scope of your turf project. Then we will work side-by-side with you to create the blueprints that we will bring to life in front of your eyes. The possibilities are almost limitless, whether it be with pavers, river rock, retaining walls, or fire pits, we will create something truly unique! Finally, once we know your vision, we get to work on our quick, easy installation process that our licensed and professional installers can complete in as little as 1-2 days. And that’s it!

As easy as one, two, three, and you’re on your way to your brand new gorgeous turf yard!

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