Artificial Turf: Is It Safe for Kids and Pets?

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  • event September 15, 2023

Tough Turtle Turf wants to make sure you make the right choice. Many homeowners and business owners in Las Vegas, NV asks us “Is artificial turf safe for kids/pets?” We take a closer look to help you decide. Artificial turf is fake and made to mimic the look and feel off real grass. The “fake grass” usually made of synthetic fibers or yarn made of polypropylene or polyethylene. Tough Turtle Turf higher quality artificial grass feels like real grass, and consist of layers that include cushioning, backing, infill, and drainage layers.

Because artificial grass is low-maintenance, and throughout the years it has become more common. But while it is more common to maintain, many people question its safety.

Some artificial turf feels and looks very much like natural grass, and sometimes you can’t tell it’s fake. One of the reasons why artificial grass has become popular in residential and commercial areas in Las Vegas, NV. Because it always stays green and is half the cost of a real lawn. You don’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing, mowing or making sure your yard gets enough sun.

Artificial grass is allergen-free because synthetic turf can’t trigger allergies. Astroturf is made from non-toxic materials or needs harmful chemicals that may cause harm to kids and pets. They also don’t develop holes in which children can trip as real grass does. Also, keep in mind that real grass does not drain as well as a synthetic lawn, causing crate puddles when the lawn is watered or rains.

If you have any more questions or would like to see some samples for your Las Vegas, NV home or business, contact us. We can send one of our turf experts to answer any questions and help you decide what type of artificial grass is right for your application.



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